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Smith Family Sneak Peek

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Baby AW

It’s been a quite a while since I have posted but since I’m getting a little down time from the holiday I thought I might update my blog. 🙂 I photographed this little one in back in June. This family was so sweet and mom and dad were already PROUD parents. 🙂


I haven’t updated the blog lately. I photographed this little angel’s brother last fall for his 1st birthday. She was such a perfect baby for our shoot. She slept pretty much the whole time, and I had a lot of fun with all the bows her mom brought! I am looking forward to photographing for this family again soon!






Thompson++{family shoot}

Another post! WHOOOHOOO! I am feeling extremely blessed and excited to have had so many photo session over the last couple of months. Getting to do what I LOVE is a great feeling.

I stumbled across the opportunity to photograph this super awesome family at one of my clinical rotations for school. Their little boy was such a delight to photograph, so cooperative, respectful and sweet. Not to mention he is a little cutie, too. I think I found a friend in him, he shared his M&M’s with me! 🙂 Melanie and Kelly, you are doing an awesome job raising your little man! You might think you’re seeing double, but you haven’t gone crazy, no worries. The two that look a like are TWINS, and they have the BEST accents I’ve probably ever heard. I only thought I was country. 🙂

I really love photographing at this location. I find something new every time I am there, and the fall colors are amazing! It also keeps the little ones entertained with all of the animals; horses, chickens, rabbits and cows, OH MY!

Curtis and Brittany {just because}{couples shoot}

Posts and sessions like this one make me extremely thrilled. Brittany and Curtis are a couple who was referred to me by a friend of a friend. They contacted me based off of some photos they saw of mine from a past photo family shoot. Brittany and Curtis, though very nice and like-able, 🙂 aren’t just a couple of friends who want to boost my ego, or help build my portfolio or business. They liked my work and trusted in me to provide a service to them. Now, this isn’t the first time this has happened however; being that it has happened AGAIN says something. Granted I have much to learn, someone TRUSTS ME! to provide a service, a product, an art; and that is empowering. That my friends, makes for a great photo session and confidence boost, which we all need every now and then.

I had a lot of fun photographing Brittany and Curtis at Gillis Hill Farm! At first they were quiet and shy. No different than most people who first step in front of a camera. (If you’ve been photographed by a stranger then you know what I’m talking about). They quickly loosened up, we even got Curtis to smile! One of my favorite parts of a photography session is talking to my clients and getting to know them. These two are high school sweethearts and got married pretty young! They are living the military life which I very much so admire; they have spent half of their marriage separated!!!!! They were so cute together and seem to LOVE each other very much. 🙂 Good luck to the both of you on your next military adventure!

Soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Smith

This post is especially special to me. Mary was the first friend I made in Fayetteville when I moved here over 2 years ago. When I met her I knew instantly we would be friends. Mary and Troy went to high school together in Pella, Iowa but didn’t begin dating until after they graduated and began their journey as “big kids” (I’m not a fan of using the words grown ups or adults). Mary and Troy had been on a date or two but reconnected the same night Mary and I hung out for the first time. Troy was texting her throughout the entire movie, way to go Troy,…ruin my girls night out. 🙂 jk The two have been pretty much impossible to separate ever since and I don’t think I have ever witnessed a more in love couple.

They are one of those annoying couples who giggle and laugh in their own little world even in a room full of people. But, let me tell you…this made for a PERFECT engagement session. I loved every minute of photographing these two and I really hope I have shared their love in these images. Mary and Troy, I love you both so much and I can’t wait to be apart of your special wedding day!

beautiful couple :)

Many of my close friends and family know I have gone back to school and I am studying to be an x ray technologist. It is crazy, I had all of this down time and not so many people to photograph and now that I have started school again and my schedule is crazy busy, I have a ton of people contacting me…I think it’s awesome!!!

I have known Cola for a while now, she also works with me at my other place of employment. 🙂 This was the first time I have met her husband Matt, but I have heard so much about him from Cola. Although I don’t know Matt too well I’ve got a special place in my little heart for them and their marriage. Matt is in the US Army, and him and Cola understand the sacrifices of a Military family. With my hubby gone, I have a new found respect for other military families. She might not know it, but Cola has also been an open support for me when I’m missing my husband.

I had a lot of fun on their shoot, and they were open to pretty much anything I suggested. Cola and Matt got married this summer and didn’t get the opportunity to do engagement pictures. I think they had one of the quickest engagements ever! When Cola first asked me about pictures she said she wanted them to be like an engagement session. Cola and Matt, I hope I was able to give you exactly what you were looking for, you are a beautiful couple!